Welcome to the Blockville online shop. This shop features a variety of different packages and perks that improve your overall experience on the server. We offer a multitude of options to suit your every need. If you're looking to make suggestions for something you'd like to see on the store, drop us a ticket by clicking here and we'd be more and willing to consider it!


Our refund policy is that we do not offer any refunds. Once we receive your payment, it is forward into marketing and development of the server. We also do not allow for unauthorized means of refunds, for example chargebacks. As per our terms of service, a chargeback will result in a permanent ban on our server, as well as other servers, which prevents you from being able to purchase anything from any other server in Minecraft.


Your information is private and only visible to the owner of the server. No other entity has access to it. Our platform uses end-to-end SSL encryption to secure your data. Your information is only used to complete your order and is not shared with any outside party.


Reach out to us if you haven't received your purchased items by clicking here. Payments generally takes less than 5 minutes to process and you do not need to be online, you will get them automatically when you rejoin.

Click here if you require assistance

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